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The physiological needs of every person on the planet entail factors such as a sense of belonging, safety and security. However, what is equally pertinent, is the cost of life; essentials such as food and shelter should not be so exorbitant that it leaves you busting your brain trying to make ends meet and infrastructure should be efficient and encourage personal growth. The Balkans bridges these gaps by presenting progressive conditions that cater to entrepreneurs, freelancers and hybrid workers across industries, thus enabling you to be your own boss and work on your own terms in achieving success and enjoy a great quality of life. Belgrade boasts incredible value as illustrated below in a cost comparison between different locations:
Belgrade cost of living

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  • Free consultation – Contact us today at no service cost.
  • 98% Success Rate – High probability of successful application.
  • Affordability – Low cost of living.
  • Taxes – Lower contribution in comparison to other European countries and for all remote workers, it is a 200€ flat fee.
  • Security – Safe and supportive environments.
  • Power – Always on.
  • Infrastructure – Efficient and encourages personal growth.
  • English Speaking – Almost no language barrier.
  • Beautiful Terrains – Hosts to the most scenic natural landscapes that are rich in interestingly diverse cultural heritage.
digital nomad Belgrade
If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, Belgrade is known as “the city that never sleeps,” with many architectural wonders, theaters, museums, monuments, opera houses, cafes and restaurants, as well as beaches and rivers that attract sunbathers, sports enthusiasts and those looking for nonstop fun. Whether you prefer to work hard, play hard or balance a bit of both, there are numerous options to suit everyone. The Balkan Peninsula is not only rich in cultural heritage but is also bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the northwest, the Ionian Sea in the southwest, the Aegean Sea in the south, the Turkish Straits in the east, the Black Sea in the northeast and is amidst more than a hundred lakes; thus encompassing biogeographical diversity and astonishingly aesthetically pleasing sights in plentitude. This is a region that ticks all the boxes like safety, affordability, natural beauty, hearty cuisines, English-speaking, savvy technology, economic viability and cultural diversity. The Balkans is where you’d access all of this, as well as the most expansive mountain ranges, peaceful lakes, wide canyons, stunning seascapes and unreal waterfalls in abundance.
You’ll find some of the best scenery in Europe when you travel through the Balkans, which looks like a postcard come to life. This is the region where accommodation isn’t your biggest bill and travelling through neighbouring states are an accessible thrill. Simply stated, this is a territory where taxes are minimal and entrepreneurship, remote or freelancing careers are aided. A setting where cultures are uniquely diverse and the social scene is bubbly and broadly dispersed, hence allowing you to feel free and welcome in the unique art of Balkanology.
Balkan quality of life
We, at Balkan Immigration, strongly believe in building bridges. Come to walk over, glide through, cruise for a schmooze or to jump off for a fun bungee. To be part of the hybrid workforce, contact us now and join in on the glee.

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