Residency permit in Serbia

What is a residency permit?

A residency permit in Serbia can be obtained by foreigners who want to open and start a business in Serbia to earn extra revenue.

It is cheap, fast and easy to do, and you can be the only person working under your company’s name. However, the foreigner with his business in Serbia must spend at least 183 days per year in the country. After one year from the approval of your Serbian residency, the foreigner becomes a tax resident in Serbia. Permanent residency in Serbia is granted after leaving a minimum of five years in the country. It is only available for a maximum of one year. It is an amazing opportunity if you want to work in Serbia or do an internship.

Why should you obtain a residency permit in Serbia?

Great and unique lifestyle, close to other countries, climates and people. Later on, the residency permit in Serbia will open multiple doors and non-negligible opportunities.

How to obtain residency permit in Serbia? 

First of all, you have to complete all the necessary documents. To help you, you can ask a specialised lawyer for advice. 

It takes about 30 or 40 days to obtain residency and get all the paperwork done. 

You have to present the necessary documents, such as health insurance and make an appointment with your local police station to fill out the papers. Be ready to go back and forth to the police officer multiple times to have everything in order. Unfortunately, no governmental papers here can be filled out online.

Some of the ways to obtain residency in Serbia is:

– By investing your wealth in the country, for example through a real estate

– If you want to buy agricultural land, you should create a company first. You can open a company for 300 euros, and then register the land under your name.

– Everything can be achieved in 20-25 days, which is very fast. For all your residency questions, hire a good lawyer specialised in the question.

What does having a residency in Serbia can get you in the long run? 

In the long term, after a few years of residency in Serbia, you can apply for Serbian citizenship. Having Serbian citizenship gives you a lot of perks and bonuses. You can for example access the European Union, Russia and China visa-free.

What are the different visas you should know about if you plan on coming to Serbia? 

Serbia is an amazing country to move to if you are looking for a change in your life. Serbia has many things to offer and is situated in a very attractive part of Europe, that many people do not think about. When thinking about immigration, Serbia mostly does not come in the top 5 countries to consider, however, there are many opportunities to explore, and obtaining a visa is fairly easy.

Obtaining a visa is not a very hard process.

In 2014, the Republic of Serbia adopted a new law on visa-free entry to the Republic of Serbia. The holders of passports from countries in the Schengen zone, the UK, or from the EU can stay to Serbia visa-free for up to 90 days during six months.

And for those who are not from the countries cited above, easy solutions to enquire about visas exist.

There are multiple visas you can ask for:

  • Visa C, for a short, stay of up to 90 days

  • Visa D for a long-term stay between 90 and 180 days.

Here are some steps to ask for the visa of your preference:

You will need:

– A valid passport (must be valid at least 90 days from the issue date of visa)

– A letter of invitation for a private or business visit that you can find online, as well as a letter for a tourist trip if you are concerned. 

– a completed visa application form you can find online. 

– a photo (size 35 x 4.5 cm)

– a return ticket or itinerary if you travel by plane.

– proof of sufficient funds for staying in Serbia 

– health insurance 

– visa fee.