Immigration law office for Balkan states

Balkan immigration provides legal aid in serveral practice areas

The following of our legal services can be ordered online:

We help people in solving legal issues

Our practice areas:

Short and Long Stay Visa

Providing work visas without your presence during the process.


Advising on how to fulfill the conditions and conduct the procedure for acquiring citizenship.

Work Permit

Providing conditions for legal employment.


Locating employment, preparing all necessary documents, and protecting the rights of foreign workers.

Company Formation

Establishment of a company without your presence in less than 7 business days.

Bank Account Opening

Opening a bank account within 5 business days

Real Estate Acquisition

From market analysis until the completion of a sales contract, we can help you buy real estate that fits your budget.

International Contracts

Agreements on international private and commercial law.

Legal Advisory

Online assistance in all areas are covered.

Immigration law office for Balkan Immigrations - How It Works


Via WhatsApp, e-mail, Facebook or face-to-face.


Our qualified, knowledgeable and experienced experts will give you the best possible service.

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We are different from other law firms because of our modern and unique approach in solving clients’ legal problems.

Balkan Immigration lawyers are available to our clients around the world through a variety of means.
Our two regional offices also allow for face-to-face meetings with clients.
Our lawyers work with experts in various fields, such as banking, accounting, and real estate.

The minimum information required for the power of attorney is usually identification details, such as in a passport.

It depends on the case.
The procedure for issuing a residence permit usually takes one to two months.
The process of opening a bank account usually takes about a week.

Via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or live in person on the address of our law office.