Future proof your remote work

Future Proof Your Remote Career

Do you want a fresh start?

Relocate to a safe, beautiful and supportive environment where your economic and well-being goals are attainable.

Future proof your remote work

Imagine safe and secure, scenic-rich environments surrounded by lakes and seas where the cost of living is low and the mountains are high.

A territory where taxes are minimal and entrepreneurship, remote and freelancing careers are supported.

A region where accommodation is not your biggest bill and travelling through neighbouring states are an accessible thrill.

A turf where English is widely spoken and almost nothing is broken.

A setting where cultures are uniquely diverse and the social scene is bubbly and broadly dispersed.

I know that this sounds dreamingly poetic and as if it were a mere fantasy.  Factually, it is an attainable reality and the southeastern European peninsula has proven to be the key.

Progressive conditions facilitate remote working models that are ideal for freelancers across industries thus aiding entrepreneurship through accessible, affordable and streamlined operations.

The Balkans is an area that assists you in acquiring your goals to thrive successfully.

Future proof your remote work and enjoy Balkan quality of life

Consult, strategise & take action with Balkan Immigration.

  • Affordable Quality service – Priced competitively.
  • 98% Success Rate – High probability of successful application.
  • Security – Safe and secure environments.
  • Taxes – Lower contribution in comparison to other European countries and for Freelancers or Remote workers, it is a 200€ flat fee.
  • Low cost of living – General apartment rental is only 250€.
  • English Speaking – Almost no language barrier.
  • Beautiful Terrains – The Balkans are hosts to the most scenic natural landscapes and are rich in interestingly diverse cultural heritage.
Future proof your remote work and take our consultations
Being in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and the accelerated mass migration to an online space due to the effects of the pandemic, traditional business models and employment structures are ceasing to exist.   Contemporary skillsets allow for options that were not available in previous generations.  We are mobile-equipped workers who can manage a career remotely from almost anywhere on the planet thanks to the advancements in technology coupled with growing options in the freelance and digital workspace.   One no longer needs an employment offer to apply for a visa as self-employment, remote working and freelancing have become mainstream and an acceptable means for sustainable economic freedom.
Upon successful application completion, Balkan Immigration minimises your administration by doing all your paperwork; once power of attorney is attained.  Your bank account and/or new business is registered for you as part of our service offering.   We provide access to a client support system, which enables a seamless & hassle-free transition.

Be your own boss and work on your own terms while you travel the safe terrains of the beautiful Balkans.