Enabling Environment for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & the Hybrid Workforce

Do you need an environment that enables you to focus on achieving your goals?

The Balkans present progressive conditions in a safe environment, thus enabling you to focus on achieving all of your financial and wellbeing goals.

Belgrade enviroment

Beneficially trusted and reliable:

  • Affordable quality service that is priced competitively.
  • We have a 98% success rate and therefore there is a high probability of your application being successful.
  • The Balkans are hosts to safe and secure environments that aid entrepreneurship and hybrid working models.
  • There are lower contributions on taxes in these states in comparison to other European countries.
  • For freelancers or remote workers, it is a 200€ flat fee.
  • Cost of living is low with a general apartment rental at only 250€.
    In this region,
  • English is broadly spoken, hence there is almost no language barrier.
  • Beautiful terrains
  • Encompass the Balkans as the most scenic sights and natural landscapes in Europe are found here.
  • This region is rich in history, thus the culture is interestingly diverse and the social scene is as vibrant.

Montengro balkan enviroment
Are you self-employed, a freelancer, remote worker, digital nomad, hybrid worker or an entrepreneur?
The Balkans are host to progressive conditions that facilitates and caters to remote working models that are ideal for freelancers across industries. This is a territory that aids entrepreneurship through accessible, affordable and streamlined processes. Be your own boss and work on your own terms whilst travelling the safe and scenic terrains of the beautiful Balkans.
Croatia balkan enviroment
Consult, strategise and take action with Balkan Immigration today.
Upon successful application completion, Balkan Immigration minimises your administration by doing all your paperwork once power of attorney is attained. Your bank account and/or new business is registered for you as part of the service offering. We provide access to a client support system, which enables a seamless and hassle-free transition.

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