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Danube river Belgrade

Did you know that the largest dam on the Danube River and one of the largest hydropower plants in Europe can be found in The Balkans?

Remote job
Highly attractive on various fronts within multilateral facets, the Balkans respond to the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers by providing secure environments with adequate support infrastructure.

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Jadran city
With no time difference to South Africa, explore and experience a terrain that ticks all the boxes like safety, affordability, natural beauty, hearty cuisines, English-speaking, savvy technology, economic viability, cultural diversity and so much more. The Balkans are home to magnificent mountain ranges, peaceful lakes, wide canyons, breathtaking seascapes and wonderful waterfalls.

Whether you enjoy the buzz of city life or the serenity of the mountains and the shore; or whether you prefer to work hard, play hard or perhaps balance a bit of both – have the best of both worlds in The Balkans by applying today.

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