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Balkan Immigration is a fast-growing law firm based in Belgrade that has branches in several different countries in the Balkans and consists of over ten experts in the field of immigration law.

About Us

Balkan Immigration is led by Luka Pribišić, a qualified immigration law expert and graduate of the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Balkan Immigration is a modern law firm located in the centre of Belgrade, which is in the most attractive geopolitical position in Eastern Europe and has the fastest growing economy as well as a stable government.

Our team consist of experts in a variety of fields, including law, banking, accounting and real estate.

Balkan Immigration is well positioned to assist with relocation and immigration matters in Serbia and throughout the Balkans. We have resolved matters for hundreds of foreigners from a variety of countries, including the United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Germany and India.

Belgrade Office Balkan Immigration

Our Vision

The Balkan states as one, multinational society, inextricably linked by the common interest of prosperity.

Our Mission

Provide top legal services and maintain our position as a leader in immigration law in this part of Europe.

Core Values

We believe that knowledge, professionalism, hard work and an extensive network are necessary to create an ideal society - a multinational society based on the common interest of prosperity.

Balkan immigration law office
Associations & Memberships

Our team is composed of experts who belong to the following professional associations:

Serbian Bar Association, Bar Association of Belgrade, Bar Association of Vojvodina and Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia.

What Our Clients Say

C. Hughes

I heard about Blakan Immigration through a friend who was helped with his process of registering a company in Serbia. My process of obtaining a residency passed quickly, transparently and without any obstacles. The Balkan Immigration team made everything as organized and simple as possible. All recommendations for any type of collaboration!

C. Hughes
Washington, USA

The entire process of getting a D visa is handled in a professional way. They are constantly in contact with you, so you definitely know they are working on your case. They made it easy and certain what would have otherwise been a stressful experience. I will always recommend them to anyone needing an immigration lawyer.

C. Mahlangu
Pretoria, South Africa
Liu Wou-Ki

We chose this firm because on our first initial meeting/consultation, it was very informative and we could see they were very knowledgeable in the industry. They helped me open an LLC here and move my whole family from China. The whole process was really clear and straightforward.

Liu Wou-Ki​
Shenzhen, China