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Balkan Immigration is led by Luka Pribišić, a qualified immigration law expert and graduate of the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Our team consists of experts in a variety of fields, including law, banking, accounting and real estate.

Balkan Immigration is well positioned to assist with relocation and immigration matters in Serbia and throughout the Balkans. We have already resolved matters for hundreds of foreigners from a variety of countries, including the United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Germany and India.

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Balkan Immigration is an independent law firm, proud of its innovative, professional and progressive reputation. With its strategically positioned office, the Balkan Immigration name has become synonymous with immigration law in this part of Europe.

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Detailed analysis of your case and creative solutions at an affordable price.

Our team of lawyers experienced in a variety of legal fields is ready to provide you with reliable advice on even the most complicated legal cases.

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We provide different services in the following countries:



Serbia, with its capital Belgrade, is the fastest growing economy in this part of Europe. With a stable government, a steady domestic currency, and great international relations with both the West and the East, Serbia is an ideal place to start a business. With low living costs, rich culture and multicultural environment, Serbia is also a great place to live.

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Montenegro is not only paradise on earth, but also a tax haven for foreigners. With its simple conditions for acquiring residency and real estate for foreigners, this country attracts people from all over the world. The currency of Montenegro is the Euro and relations with the countries of the EU are at the highest level ever. Many expect Montenegro to be the next county in the Western Balkans admitted to the EU.



Croatia has been a member of the European Union since 2013. The Adriatic Coast of Croatia is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, which is responsible for the tourist development of this country. Croatia is a frequent destination for young people who are looking for seasonal jobs in this part of Europe especially in the summer.

Our Practice Areas

We provide services in a variety of fields, including law, banking, accounting, and real estate.

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Working (D) Visa

Providing work visas without your presence during the process.

Bank Account Opening​

Opening bank accounts for companies and individuals remotely.

Company Formation

Establishment of a company within 7 working days and without you necessarily being present.

Legal Advisory

In person and online professional support related to all legal matters.


Advising on the fulfilment of conditions and conducting the procedure for acquiring citizenship.


Providing employment, all necessary documents and protecting the rights of foreign workers.

Acquisition of Real Estate

Assisting with the acquisition of real estate to fit your budget from market assessment to the finalization of a sales contract.

International Contracts

Agreements on international private and international business law.

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Our qualified, knowledgeable and experienced experts will give you the best possible service.

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Office Location

Our office is located in the Old Town, which is the most attractive neighbourhood in Belgrade.

What Our Clients Say

We have a large number of satisfied clients, some of whom say the following:

C. Hughes

I heard about Balkan Immigration through a friend who was helped with his process of registering a company in Serbia. My process of obtaining residency passed quickly, transparently, and without any obstacles. The Balkan Immigration team made everything as organized and simple as possible. 

C. Hughes
Washington, USA

The entire process of getting a D visa is handled in a professional way. They are constantly in contact with you, so you definitely know they are working on your case. They made easy and certain what would have otherwise been a stressful experience. I will always recommend them to anyone needing an immigration lawyer.

C. Mahlangu
Pretoria, South Africa
Liu Wou-Ki

We choose this firm because on our first initial meeting/consultation, it was very informative and we could see they were very knowledgeable in the industry. They helped me open an LLC here and move my whole family from China. The whole process was really clear and straightforward.

Liu Wou-Ki
Shenzhen, China